WebinarNinja Review

WebinarNinja Review

WebinarNinja is a cloud-put together arrangement that empowers organizations with respect to a solitary stage to direct live and computerized meetings or recorded online classes. It permits clients to transfer PowerPoint slides while streaming live, form Q&A spaces, share screens, run surveys and block participants.

WebinarNinja is an across the board stage that gives all that expected to run online classes and furnishes the client with an exhaustive assortment of showcasing assets. WebinarNinja is all in the cloud, with each web worker, work area or versatile PC going to the online course.

WebinarNinja helps fabricate a level 10-second online class, get more implicit promoting participants, no shuffling screens, all on one screen, email updates, make live, mechanized, grouping, highest points, and crossover online classes, and no extra programming important with worked in greeting pages, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Inside this survey, I’ll go through every one of the elements of WebinarNinja and educate you if the framework gives precisely what it guarantees. You’ll discover a more clear thought of exactly how simple or hard it’s to have online courses using this instrument and how incredible are the assistant ascribes on this stage.

Key Features

The online class stage is loaded up with provisions, and I can’t vow to name every one of them here. I’ll go through the most pertinent ones all things considered and give you a summary of what they can do. You will have a decent comprehension of what is attainable and what isn’t.

Present offers:

Generally, online courses are made to advance outstanding arrangements. This interface makes it simple to direct people from inside the show to the right page on the site or to the checkout. No additional progression permits them to begin composing in their program bar with the URL.

You can show the proposal before the show at a specific time you choose, or you can do it physically whenever you need it.

Screen Sharing:

Hosts can utilize screen sharing during online classes to show watchers any window or programming. The Chrome expansion just must be added by Chrome clients. In live online classes, has frequently have the ability to embed pre-recorded recordings or show slides. They can likewise welcome participants with them to the telephone.

Questions and answers and surveys:

With online classes, the point of the game is interest. On the off chance that people are not dynamic with the show, they might leave. That is the place where a committed capacity for Q&A proves to be useful. Utilizing that component, participants might pose their inquiries, and they are put away independently so they are not lost inside the discussion.

Surveys assist you with get-together data about your crowd too. It very well may be something fundamental, similar to where are you from, for sure is your present pay? These things support you continuously and resulting occasions to adjust your show.

Examination and Statistics:

Clients can follow their details when they use WebinarNinja to control their outcomes. It is feasible to follow changes, participation and degrees of consistency through the online class instrument.

The stage highlights execution figures on the record level notwithstanding individual online courses. Enlistments, participants, replay participants, the rate who went to the full online course, the rate who took an interest in the visit, the rate who tapped on the proposition, survey results and considerably more are a portion of the subtleties you can get.

Live talk:

The live talk works inseparably with Q&A. It’s somewhat unique inside WebinarNinja. As I referenced before, Q&A has a different area to keep things coordinated. All things being equal, you can pose inquiries from your participants, demand input, or simply take a gander at what they need to say.

This constant talk will permit you to adjust your show to their energy and even tackle issues experienced by members.

HD Video and Audio:

WebinarNinja recruited the best ability in the live video broadcast and burned through very long time in planning the new innovation. What’s the significance here to you? Indeed, that implies HD video quality with zero postponements.

The inactivity of WebinarNinja went down to not exactly a second. That implies you get a reaction right away in the chain when you ask your item inquiry, as hello, where you’re coming from. This likewise implies various moderators with top notch sound, and your online courses are recorded in HD.

Email Notifications and Marketing Automation:

You will actually want to send all the necessary data to every one of your registrants with affirmation just as enrollment messages. And furthermore, the messages can even be altered with the goal that they seem customized. Moreover, your participants, just as non-participants, will actually want to send follow-up messages.

Points of arrival and enrollment structures:

Your point of arrival can be a represent the deciding moment of your capacity to make money with regards to online courses. It’s a game with regards to numbers. On your presentation page, the change rate decides how well all the other things performs.

For you to look over, the stage has a few layouts. In the event that you don’t care for these layouts, you can tweak the enrollment shape and implant it on one of your own points of arrival.

Preparing Academy:

WebinarNinja offers admittance to an instructional hub for every one of its clients and preliminary clients that walk you through the intricate details of setting up an online class and utilizing the stage. An amazing asset will assist you with moving from an amateur to somebody who can convey proficient online courses directly out of the door.


Among the attractions of WebinarNinja is that it’s straightforward for individuals, even individuals that aren’t specific to get up and to run. The major elements like setting up an online course, points of arrival, messages, and more are important for the wizard, so it’s hard to miss a stage.

What’s more, the main catches and menu choices are not difficult to track down. One issue I have is the shading plan. It is a lighter dim on a more obscure dim foundation.

Assuming you can move beyond that, you’ll have the option to build up and dispatch an online course quick with the application.


This amazing application accompanies a great deal of provisions at a sensible value range, which is a superb survey from probably the best audit on webinarNinja.

Starter plan:

The beginning arrangement starts with a yearly expense of $39 each month. For your live online course and limitless members for the pre-recorded online course meeting, you can get up to 100 online class members.

Genius Plan:

The Pro Plan starts with a yearly expense of $79 per month. For your live online course, you can get up to 300 online class orderlies and limitless chaperons for the pre-recorded online course meeting.

Additionally Plan:

The Pro Plan starts with a yearly expense of $129 each month. For your live online course, you’ll get up to 500 online class members and limitless members for the pre-recorded online course case.

Force Plan:

The force plan starts with a yearly expense of $199 every month. For your live online course, you’ll get up to 1000 online class members and limitless members for the pre-recorded online class case.

14 Days Free Trail:

Along these lines, feel free to attempt a couple online classes for a free 14-day preliminary and find why online class ninja is the online class application you’ve been sitting tight for.


Is WebinarNinja beneficial? Is it the best stage out there for online courses? Indeed, for amateurs, inside a couple of moments, you can make your online classes. Additionally, there is no stage out there that gives a few decisions to browse the online class. I didn’t discover this instrument to frustrate me at any level, aside from the 2-hour run limit. Furthermore, that is the thing that merits an attempt. Get it today in the event that it seems like what you need.