Movavi Video Editor Review – Pros, Cons, and Benefits

Movavi Video Editor Review – Pros, Cons, and Benefits

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Movavi: What is it?

A software package called Movavi has features that can be used to edit your work. Despite the fact that it might not have all the professional capabilities that some editors require, it has the appropriate tools for beginners. The software’s built-in clipping tool is a good feature. This program allows you to easily extract a tiny segment of a movie from a larger one and save it as a separate file. The new file can then be given a name and additional graphics or music added. Additionally, you can select the file extension and adjust the work afterward using the software.


Before buying the software package, keep in mind that there are numerous versions available. The most recent edition is accessible from the website, however, some of the earlier versions are also for sale on Amazon. Numerous items are offered for sale under the Movavi brand. In our review, we’ll delve into a few of those products. Check out our Movavi review to discover if this program satisfies all of your needs if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to edit films that you can post online and show to loved ones.

Who needs it?

Do you enjoy using a cell phone or digital camera to record films but detest sharing them with others since you committed some frequent errors? These errors may involve:

  • Capturing footage in dim versus bright environments
  • Removing the heads of your subjects
  • Inappropriate filtering or setting
  • Moving and shaking the camera while you’re shooting

When you commit any of these errors, the videos you produce are nearly impossible to watch. In order to edit your previous work and produce new videos that you’ll like sharing with others, Movavi produces a suite of video editing tools. You can take individual segments from other videos and combine them into a single new file in addition to connecting pieces from different videos together.

While some less experienced users had difficulty using the software, the majority reported that they could easily follow the guidelines and use all of the tools. Both individuals who wish to learn fundamental editing techniques, as well as those who want to perform sophisticated editing, should use this software. While some versions might not have all the capabilities you’re looking for, the full version includes the most widely used editing tools.


Products by Movavi

When we made the decision to write a thorough Movavi review, we knew we wanted to include a section that covered every product the business offers. The best solution on the market has to be Movavi Video Suite because it allows you to make any adjustments you choose. You also have access to tools used by professionals. However, the company offers a number of other packages. Additionally, Movavi produces editing software that can be used with a simple tablet and a smartphone. In order to assist with deciding whether you should utilize any of those products along with your software suite, we’ll outline a few of their advantages in this section.

Movavi Clips

Have you ever used your phone to record a video and wished there was a simple method to edit it? The files must often be transferred to your computer before being edited. You may install Movavi Video Clips on any Android device, such as an iPad or smartphone. With the help of this free application, you may extract certain segments from videos and add them to either a fresh or existing timeline. Before editing and saving your finished video, you can also add images and music to your timeline.

Movavi 360 Video Editor

Windows 10 and Windows XP are among the numerous Windows operating systems that are compatible with Movavi’s 360 Video Editor. You can use your older computer, which is unable to run more complex programs, with this software. You can perform simple editing tasks with it, such as adding transitional videos between images and producing credits that play at the conclusion of your film. Before sharing the finished result, you can preview it and add a soundtrack. You can use this software to distribute videos on social networks in addition to quickly uploading them to YouTube.

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Slideshows are an excellent online sharing option for family and friends’ images. The Slideshow Maker by Movavi ranks as one of the greatest software programs and apps for creating those shows, though there are many others. It has more than 30 titles that you may add and alter, as well as over one hundred transition effects. You may also give your performances some entertaining accents by using one of the many available filters. With only a few clicks, you can quickly create a new slideshow with this software, which is simple to use for beginners. Your final programs can also be shared on websites like YouTube.

Movavi Video Converter

You might wish you could download YouTube videos to your personal or office computer while you watch them there. With its Video Converter, Movavi enables the capture and conversion of any sort of video. This software not only supports any file type or consequently, but it also functions on all of the devices that you often use. The software can also be used to extract audio fragments from those videos. You now have a practical method for saving your favorite tracks to your PC. Aside from music videos and videos shared by friends and family, the app includes tools for editing videos that you save.

Business Movavi Video Editor

Movavi offers various excellent tools, but its Video Creator for Business is the sole program intended for usage on a professional level. It is more expensive but well worth the expense for businesses who want to produce commercials and advertisements that they can display online to attract clients and customers. The program can be activated and used on two distinct computers thanks to the two registration keys that are included. A dedicated account manager will also be provided to assist you in managing all of your films. Among the businesses that utilize this software are Intel and Google.

How much does Movavi cost?

It’s likely that the cost of the video editing software is the thing on your mind the most right now. The product you choose and the edition you desire will frequently affect your price. You may compare all the products on the primary Movavi website, to which we’ve provided a link below, and decide which one is ideal for your editing requirements. This is only a free trial, therefore the Movavi freely suite isn’t actually free. Before requesting that you upgrade to a promotional version of the software, you have a full week to test it out. Among the prices, we discovered are:

Movavi Video Editor 2023

  • 1 Year: $54.95
  • Lifetime: $79.95

Movavi Video Suite 2023

  • 1-year subscription: $94.95

Movavi Unlimited

  • 1-year subscription: $155.95

Video Suite Business

  • 1 Year: $189.95
  • Lifetime: $249.95

Movavi Unlimited Business

  • 1-year subscription: $299.95


Should I purchase it?

We decided to go down the main justifications for purchasing it as well as a few justifications for avoiding it since we wish to make ensure that you are at ease installing and using it on your computer. The fact that it is available in so many variations is one reason it is worth your money. You can get an older model if you want to save money.

With the most recent edition, users will have access to all of the newest tools and features. For Apple users, there is also Movavi Mac, and for Windows users, there is another version. The program is compatible with machines running Windows 10 as well as earlier versions of Windows dating back to XP and Vista.

Many potential customers wonder, especially those looking for free video editing software, “Is Movavi free and safe?” Free bundles & packages are available, but you should exercise caution when taking any of them. These packages can contain spyware that monitors your online activity and transmits data to another computer. You incur the danger of installing adware, which will enable advertisements to run on the machine you use. These advertisements may appear when you attempt to enjoy a game or launch a new program. You won’t need to be concerned about installing a Movavi virus if you download software from a reliable site.

The level of customer support provided by the business should also be mentioned in a decent Movavi video editor review. When you need assistance, Movavi makes it simple for you to contact a person, unlike other IT businesses that just provide limited support. You can have a live conversation with one of these representatives when you go to the official website. The company’s representatives assist customers who need a refund or guidance on how to install the software. You can also seek assistance when using the software or with any of the lessons that are offered.

We appreciate that Movavi functions on both touchscreen devices and conventional computers. When using it with a tablet computer, you can choose the part of the movie you wish to export by just pressing your finger on the screen. If your screen is sensitive or you have larger fingers, you might find it difficult to choose a certain portion of the video, or if you unintentionally press the wrong spot.

You can edit any sort of video using Movavi Video Editor, including the shaky videos you took with your cell phone and the video footage you took with a high-resolution camcorder. You can import and export video footage, add fresh transitions and effects, make fresh title and end credits, and build an accompaniment for the finished product using the provided editing tools. Even assistance for uploading videos to the internet is provided by Movavi.



You can discover reviews of Movavi online, but most customers only do so when they are incredibly pleased or dissatisfied with the program. The majority of the unfavorable comments we read were left by customers who had trouble using all of the software’s functions. It will take a few days for you to become comfortable using those tools. It could take some time before you are satisfied with your work to the point where you wish to post it online.

We enjoy this software is that it allows you to share the videos you make. However, you’ll discover that there are other websites where you can post your work in addition to YouTube and Facebook if you choose that choice. For editing your videos before producing a new file, Movavi offers a variety of options for trimming awkward angles and eliminating portions of your movies. Movavi contains the video editing software you need, and it works on both Mac and Windows computers.